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why is homework a thing

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Italy + Water  x

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reading a foreign language you're trying to learn: lol this is easy I understand so much of this
trying to construct sentences in that language: wtf am I doing jesus take the wheel where is wiktionary
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the best part of waking up
is literally nothing, please let me go back to sleep

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Sarah / Ellie in the Prolgoue / Epilogue Requested By Anonymous 

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I'm still waiting for my turn.”

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Pre-game vs. Post-game.

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"Yeah but what’s your birth name???" lmao nice try, kira

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And as the world comes to an end
I'll be here to hold your hand
'Cause you're my king and I'm your l i o n h e a r t
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When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light.

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